Should I Rebrand?

Rebranding is a great strategy that most companies will do at some point. Your brand is the face and voice of your business, it’s your companies personality. When people hear your companies name they will think about the things you represent. If you ever discover that your brand and your company aren’t aligned its time to take a look at things as a change is in order.

Remember it’s not just about the name, colour scheme or the logo. It’s so much more than that. Here are four of the most common reasons to rebrand your company:

1. You launched a new product.

If you’re selling new products under the same brand it could really confuse your customers and seem like an odd move to people. Rebranding can show your customers that you’re not scared to change and this new product is an example of the new direction the companies going in.

2. Your company mission has changed.

It’s really common for a company to head in a different direction. Pivots happen all the time. Sometimes you need to pull yourself back in and realign your brand so it can reflect your new mission.

3. The needs of your customers have changed.

Sometimes you don’t have any other option but to rebrand. This is usually down to your customers changing. People evolve and what works now probably won’t work in five years. Tech, for example, is constantly changing and you don’t want to be left behind.

Companies need to constantly adapt to new changes in the market.

4. You don’t stand out from competitors.

If your market is crowded with different companies offering similar products/services then you’ll need to evaluate your brand. How can we stand out? do we stand out enough? can customers find us easily? do our customers know what we represent? how well are your competitors doing and what messages are they putting forward? Do any of them have a similar name?

Examples of rebranding

1. Old Spice

Old spice was seen as a brand for the older generation however in 2010 they done a massive rebranding stunt which featured multiple funny random videos. It was great, it implied that the deodorant could be something sexy, fun and surprising.

2. Stella Artois

Stella Artois has been around since 1336. It was originally brewed as a limited edition beer for Christmas. Stella was always seen as a pricey drink up until 1981 when they rebranded. Stella Artois turned itself into a successful choice of drink!

3. Zizzi

Zizzi came to Pearlfisher for help with their brand. Pearlfisher helped reinforce its presence by capitalising on their customers need and want for convenience.

“Our customers can now choose to have Zizzi wherever, and whenever they want! We’re so excited to see the new structures flourish in the marketplace and propel our brand forward.” – Jo Fawcett, Group Digital Director & Marketing Director, Zizzi.

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