Moving Businesses Into the Age of Social Media

Moving Businesses Into the Age of Social Media

In 2012 social media marketing has become the new age of marketing to the masses. Almost everyone is on Facebook or Twitter and many of these same people will search out a company they have had an interaction with at some point.

Whether they are a pleased customer or dissatisfied on some level — nine times out of ten they are taking to the internet to air their opinion.
This is where One Mom Digital Media comes in!
Founder Danielle Elwood started out as a mom blogger and increasingly became interested and educated on social media through her experience in social media having an impact on the blogging community. She then took those experiences and started working with companies based in the parenting community working with companies such as Pampers Kandoo, and Go Mama Go Designs.
After that she decided to branch out into her local area working one-on-one with business she frequents in the Fairfield County and Naugatuck Valley areas.
Today with two years and three children under her belt she has started One Mom Digital Media and is continuing to expand her services regularly.

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