GrindsCentre A First Partnership + Revenue

GrindsCentre A First Partnership + Revenue

There is nothing unique about GrindsCentre and there are many other services online that do the same thing. We differentiate ourselves be providing this service for free and by providing a fluid, beautiful user interface. We also look after our users security by never disclosing phone numbers or email addresses. All communication is done through our message box system which ensures privacy at all times.

For a year now we have been offering this service for free and I suppose we have treated this as more of a project than a business. GrindsCentre looks great on our C.V’s and LinkedIn accounts and we have learnt a huge amount and developed a lot personally in the process of running it.

Two weeks ago however we got in contact with University College Cork’s Student Union who, after a few quick meetings decided to purchase a subscription of the service for their students in the college. Not only did they purchase it for this year, but they have given their understanding that this will be a long term 4 year contract of partnertship.



We were delighted with this for two reasons:


1) We had approached UCC SU last year and had been re-buffed without even one meeting. We were delighted that this year UCC SU were taking the matter of student grinds seriously.
2) This would be our first commercialisation of the product and would allow us to cover some of our growing costs.
We quickly drew up a contract and within a week it was signed andGrindsCentre officially became a revenue generating business.



The UCC SU iteration of our service is now live and the UCC SU website now links to it. Over the next few weeks I will be managing the analytics of this iteration very carefully and I have promised the SU that they can have detailed sign up and interaction figures.

I now look forward to seeing what happens with GrindsCentre going ahead. We now have a footing to approach more student unions and ask them to implement this service for the benefit of their students and thus grow revenue for our business.

Whatever happens though, I am delighted that no matter how little, now every business / project that I am involved in has at least generated some revenue. And as they say — look after the pennies and the pounds will lok after themselves.

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